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Sacromonte. The Wise of the Tribe

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Sacromonte is the sacred neighborhood located at the slopes of the hill that form the traditional gypsy quarter of the city of Granada (Spain). Its abbey was founded in the 1600s, thus becoming a pilgrimage place throughout the centuries and a way of life for the gypsies that settled in the nearby caves and whose flamenco art has been transmitted for generations ever since. Serving as a source of inspiration for artists such as Debussy, Glinka, Falla, and Lorca, it is now a major tourists attraction, but continues to receive distinguished visitors from all around the world.

Sacromonte aims to recover the memory of the most important flamenco community in the world. Through the survivors of a lost and golden age, elder flamenco men and women, we dive in their past in search of their roots and memories.

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