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One Taxi Ride

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Erick has been the recluse in the family for the past decade. Nobody but him knows why. Ten years ago, on his 17th birthday, his life took a harrowing turn when he boarded a taxi. The driver and two accomplices sexually assaulted him. For the then-teenager, there would be no police reports. No medical attention. No support groups or counseling. No telling his family or closest friends.

After feeling broken for a decade, the 27-year-old is now ready to confront his past and reclaim his future. Would he find the perpetrators? How would his family and friends react to his secret? What would come of his romantic life? Is he prepared to face the judgment of Mexico’s hypermasculine society?

One Taxi Ride is an observational documentary that tells the intimate story of a male rape survivor. Erick’s innermost thoughts, fears, struggles, and triumphs weave a dramatic tale of a man fighting for a future and a life worth living. His journey impacts the world around him in a way that he never saw coming.

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