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The Wall: The Effect of its Imposing Presence on Migrant Families

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The Wall: The Effect of its Imposing Presence on Migrant Families is a firsthand look at the reality of the Hispanic population in the United States and the current undocumented immigration crisis, touching on topics such as the U.S.-Mexico border wall, the effects of family separation at the border, deportation, and DACA. The latest heinous acts of domestic terrorism and white supremacy put these incidents in the middle of the ongoing debate about immigration, border security, and national identity. In times of crisis, we need to know who the victims are, their challenges, and their dreams. Films included are:

by Stephanie Schiavenato / USA / 10 min / 2018
As the United States currently reels over the consequences of separating parents and their children at the border, this film explores the lingering effects of this trauma on the relationship between a mother and her son who migrated from Colombia.

by Sara Gozalo / USA / 3 min / 2018
What would you pack in the suitcase of a loved one, if they were going to be deported?

by Meredith Hoffman & Sarah Kuck / USA / 17 min / 2017
Three families who have been forced to return to Honduras, live in extremely violent conditions. Moving through the restless streets of the unstable capital city, and into the drama and determination of each family’s story, the film explores the experience of being returned to a familiar, yet increasingly unsafe situation due to the street’s gang control.

by Laura Herrero Garvín / Mexico, USA / 12 min / 2018
Mexican-American artist Ana Teresa Fernández imagines a creative way to make the US-Mexico border wall disappear.

by Scott Boehm & Peter Johnston / USA / 12 min / 2018
An intimate portrait of a day in the life of two DACA recipients, José Adrián Badillo Carlos and Osvaldo Sandoval, graduate students at Michigan State University whose lives were thrown into limbo after the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program was rescinded on September 5, 2017.

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