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The Prey: Silence in the Name of God

The Prey: Silence in the Name of God

The pedophilia scandal that has hit the Roman Catholic Church in the United States and elsewhere never erupted in Italy. The Church, with its headquarters in Vatican City, a sovereign state within Rome, overshadows much of Italian political and social life. The prevailing culture of secrecy and fear in the Church has led Catholic bishops to place the interests of the Church ahead of the safety of children. The Prey exposes incidences of child abuse in Italy, and the reasons behind the silence surrounding the scandals.

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Main credits

Luzi, Silvia (Director)
Bellino, Luca (Director)
Bellino, Luca (Film editor)
Holvoet, Martin (Narrator)

Other credits

Cinematography, Adriano Mestichello; editor, Luca Bellino; music, Nicolo Mulas.

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child abuse,clergy,priest; pedophilia; Roman Catholic Church; Vatican; "The Prey: Silence in the Name of God"; Scorpion TV