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The Search for the First European

The Search for the First European

Luis, young and curious, is determined to find out where Europeans come from. His early investigations lead him to meet Eudald Carbonell, co-director of excavations at Atapuerca, and he invites him on a journey in search of the traces of Europe's ancestors. The extraordinary journeys take the viewer through Africa and Asia to reach Europe where Luis finds that the origin of what are now called Europeans is not in the old continent. Organized as a scientific road movie, the The Search for the First European mixes scientific knowledge, adventure and humor in equal measure to let the viewer know in a rigorous but easy and entertaining way the incredible story of the origin of Europeans.

"The simple, straightforward narrative of human evolution and migration he uncovers makes it pedagogically effective. Focusing on the basics of the evolutionary story, in a leisurely yet fun manner, makes this a great film for undergraduates and the general public." - Educational Media Reviews Online


Main credits

Yamir, Iván (Director)
Yamir, Iván (Screenwriter)
Yamir, Iván (Cinematographer)
Yamir, Iván (Film editor)
Quevedo, Luis (Director)
Quevedo, Luis (Screenwriter)
Par, Alfonso (Director)
Par, Alfonso (Screenwriter)
Par, Alfonso (Producer)

Other credits

Director of photography and editor, Iván Yamir; original music, Tito Rosell.

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Eudald Carbonell; paleoanthropology; human evolution; "The Search for the First European"; Scorpion TV