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MANA - Beyond Belief

MANA - Beyond Belief

MANA - Beyond Belief is a journey from a Navajo medicine man’s mud-covered hogan to the eternity of outer space, from the most ancient of technologies to the most complex, from the concrete world of objects to the abstract world of finance, from the individual’s attempt to comprehend secret powers to the power our own minds give us to shape our experiences…“Power objects” include paintings by Rembrandt and, to a lesser extent, paintings which are no longer by Rembrandt. They also include people like Elvis Presley and, to a lesser extent, people who imitate Elvis in order to vicariously embody his mana. And they include voodoo priests who dress in the costumes of their long-dead ancestors in order to incarnate their mana. People, all people, all over the world have their own versions of mana, residing in their minds or in the objects themselves.

“A giant boulder covered in gold leaf teetering on a cliff in Burma. Cherry blossoms in Japan, lit against a rainy, night sky. “Low riders”, the world’s flashiest cars, lovingly restored by Latinos in New Mexico, comically bounce up and down: Three of the many magnificent images in MANA - Beyond Belief. The film, shot in high definition, is a visually stunning and thought-provoking work.” —Dox, The European Documentary Magazine.

“MANA looks at an array of objects that, in the minds of various,groups of people, possess power. The inventive juxtapositions of people and objects had moviegoers buzzing…” —INDIEWIRE

“Intriguely deadpan.” —VILLAGE VOICE


Main credits

Friedman, Peter (film director)
Friedman, Peter (screenwriter)
Friedman, Peter (film producer)
Manley, Roger (film director)
Manley, Roger (screenwriter)
Manley, Roger (film producer)
Debs, Jacques (film producer)
Morel, Delphine (film producer)

Other credits

Camera, Jacques Besse, Van Theodore Carlson, Eric Guichard; editor, Laurent Pineau; composers, Jeff Hallam, Chris Hudson.


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