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No Age Limit: Creativity and Aging

This new compilation DVD explores the life-enhancing impact of continued creativity and artistic expression--well into the later years! It uses brief excerpts that profile the creative process of elder artists, introduces us to a 90-something actress who grabs life with both hands, and demonstrates how creative expression can even transcend dementia. The DVD also includes a section on the work of the late Dr. Gene Cohen, co-founder of the Creativity Discovery Corps, who was best known for championing the limitless potential of the aging brain. Six Chapters: * The Creative Process Knows No Age Limit * Creative Expressions: Three Older Artists * The Quilt Arts of Gee's Bend * Imagination Keeps My Energy Up: Actress Mimi Weddell * The Older Artist as Coach: Dancer Frederic Franklin * Imagination in the Moment: Dementia and Creativity The material in this DVD is cleared for use in Distance Learning classes.

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Creativity in Aging
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