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Positive Images of Aging

Positive Images of Aging is a compilation DVD that gives you access to 14 different video segments, 3-5 minutes in length, that each reflect on a positive image of aging. Because they are chaptered on the DVD, you have instant access to any of the 14 segments. Show one or more of them to clients, or incorporate them into a PowerPoint presentation. Chapters include: 1. Changing Perceptions of Aging 2. Positive Adjustment as We Age 3. Intimacy in the Elder Years 4. Family Ties, Grandparenting, and Mentoring 5. Foster Grandparents 6. Wisdom and Courage in Elderhood 7. Creative Aging 8. Beauty in Aging 9. Spirited Senior Softball plus 5 bonus Features on Longevity 10. Genetics Versus Lifestyle 11. Diet and Excerise 12. Calorie Restriction 13. Aging Statistics 14. A Visit with Centenarians