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Food for Thought - The Art of Not Stirring - Ep. 4

Food for Thought - The Art of Not Stirring - Ep. 4

The students talk with Daoist philosopher Sarah Flavel, who focuses on the concept of Wu-Wei, or “non-action.” How can these young students learn to influence a situation by choosing to move along with the flow of things rather than aggressive intervention? The group considers whether the principle of non-intervention can be considered a form of action in itself, and if so what the implications of such a choice might be. Finally, professor Flavel discusses Daoism’s emphasis on intuition, flux, and uncertainty in a person’s life path.

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Main credits

Schuit, Valerie (filmmaker)
Robbiano, Chiara (filmmaker)
Flavel, Sarah (presenter)

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; "The Art of Not Stirring"; Viewpoint Films; Sarah Flavel; food; Amsterdam; Netherlands; documentary series; philosophy; philosophers; cooking; kitchen; ,doc,food; sociss

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