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Black Girl in Suburbia

For many Black girls raised in the suburbs, the experiences of going to school, playing on the playground, and living day-to-day life can be uniquely alienating. BLACK GIRL IN SUBURBIA looks at the suburbs of America from the perspective of women of color. Filmmaker Melissa Lowery shares her own childhood memories of navigating racial expectations both subtle and overt-including questions like, "Hey, I just saw a Black guy walking down the street; is that your cousin?"

Through conversations with her own daughters, with teachers and scholars who are experts in the personal impacts of growing up a person of color in a predominately white place, this film explores the conflicts that many Black girls in homogeneous hometowns have in relating to both white and Black communities. BLACK GIRL IN SUBURBIA is a great discussion starter for Freshman orientation week and can be used in a wide variety of educational settings including classes in sociology, race relations, African American Studies, Women's Studies, and American Studies.

"This film is a must see for all educators...BGS offers great insight into the struggles our students of color face in classrooms and communities where few of their peers or teachers look like them."
Kim Feicke, Director, Oregon Center for Educational Equity

"This well-produced documentary offering refreshing, personal insights is perfect for starting discussions in classrooms, libraries, and other settings."
Sue-Ellen Beauregard, Booklist Online Video Review


Main credits

Lowery, Melissa (film director)
Lowery, Melissa (film producer)
Lowery, Melissa (editor of moving image work)
Lowery, Melissa (narrator)

Other credits

Director of photography, Jason Hooper; editors, Melissa Lowery, Edward Macomber, Kara Stevens, Jason Hooper; musical composer, Joaquin Lopez.

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African American, American History, Diversity, Racism, Sociology


African American Studies, Womanhood, Race and Class Studies; "Black Girl in Suburbia"; Women Make Movies