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Conscience Point

Beneath the mystique of The Hamptons, among one of the wealthiest zip codes in the U.S., lies the history of the area's original inhabitants. The Shinnecock Indian Nation were edged off their land over the course of hundreds of years, pushed onto an impoverished reservation, and condemned to watch their sacred burial grounds plowed to make way for mega-mansions and marquee attractions like the exclusive Shinnecock Hills Golf Club — five-time host of the U.S. Open.

CONSCIENCE POINT tracks this fractured history alongside the path of one woman determined to make a stand: Shinnecock activist Rebecca “Becky” Hill-Genia who, together with other tribal members and allies, has waged a relentless, years-long battle to protect the land and her tribe’s cultural heritage from the ravages of development and displacement. Now both the Shinnecock Nation and town residents face a new challenge; the onslaught of elite newcomers who threaten the very place they intend to cherish.

"A worthwhile place to start discussing some of the darker aspects of American history."

"A masterpiece of a documentary"
Shelter Island Reporter


Main credits

Wurmfeld, Treva (film director)
Wurmfeld, Treva (screenwriter)
Wurmfeld, Treva (film producer)
Wurmfeld, Treva (editor of moving image work)
Wurmfeld, Treva (photographer)
Brannum, Julianna (film producer)
Joseph, Alli Hunter (film producer)

Other credits

Cinematography by Nausheen Dadabhoy, Nadia Hallgren, Treva Wurmfeld; edited by Brian Johnson, ACE, Treva Wurmfeld; composer, Garth Stevenson.


Indigenous culture, gentrification, New York; "Conscience Point"; Women Make Movies