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Deep Run

Executive produced by Susan Sarandon, DEEP RUN is a powerful verité portrait of trans life in rural North Carolina. Exiled by her family and rejected by an ex-partner, 17-year-old Spazz has no one to lean on for support. But when Spazz falls in love again and summons up the courage to become Cole, a strong-willed trans-man, his candid humor and steadfast, all-inclusive Christian beliefs counter the bigotry he experiences daily. This deeply personal documentary reveals rebirth and courage within America’s deeply conservative Bible Belt as Cole struggles to find a church that will affirm his identity and the couple's relationship. With a small group of supportive friends, relatives, and his girlfriend, Ashley, Cole's search for love and belonging leads him to a radical revision of what faith and church can be. An intimate study of young outsiders in an insular Christian community, DEEP RUN explores the intersection of modern identity and faith in the American South. Essential viewing for LGBTQIA Audiences, Queer and Gender studies classes.

"Deep Run is a sensitive and compelling portrait of trans teen Cole Ray Davis becoming a man in rural North Carolina. Cole’s story is a microcosm of so many compelling contemporary issues, he personifies how millennials will alter our culture's attitudes on transgender rights, the plight of the undocumented, and religious intolerance. This movie will be an excellent tool in classrooms and college campuses."
Susan Sarandon

"An intimate look at what it's like to come out not once but twice in the Bible-steeped South…a sweet, admiring, optimistic profile of a teen in transition."
The Hollywood Reporter

"A compelling portrait of courageous Southern queer youth on a quest for belonging within their families of origin and within a community where faith is a sacred, binding commonality."
Frameline Film Festival

"DEEP RUN poetically examines one trans man’s search for love, faith, and acceptance in rural North Carolina. [Loven’s] directorial eye shows a particularly acute attention to depicting the distinctive atmosphere of Davis’s rural Southern world… the film glows with a lyrical intimacy… a particularly honest depiction of low-income trans American experiences."
The Advocate

"DEEP RUN is...beautifully crafted and nuanced."
Lauren Wissot Hammer to Nail


Main credits

Davis, Cole Ray (on-screen participant)
Loven, Hillevi Zazel (film director)
Loven, Hillevi Zazel (film producer)
Talbott, Chris (film producer)
Levenstein, Samara (film producer)

Other credits

Edited by Kristen Nutile; director of photography, Arianna Lapenne; music, Phillip Roebuck.

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Distributor subjects

Gender, Human Rights, LGBTQIA, Masculinity, Religion, Sexuality, Sociology


LGBTQIA youth, American South; "Deep Run"; Women Make Movies