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Norma and Virginia were lovers for almost fifty years. They died isolated; the vibrant pre-Stonewall lesbian community of their youth long gone. A love story about the unforeseen trajectory of lives lived outside the mainstream told through the 2000 snapshots left behind.

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Main credits

Citron, Michelle (film director)
Citron, Michelle (film producer)
Citron, Michelle (screenwriter)
Citron, Michelle (editor of moving image work)
Citron, Michelle (narrator)
Citron, Michelle (photographer)

Other credits

Cinematography, Michelle Citron; editor, Michelle Citron; music composition, Joseph Fosco; animatino, Mark Begale & Sarah Cortese.

Docuseek2 subjects

Distributor subjects

Cinema Studies, Documentary Studies, Gender, LGBTQIA, Mass Media & Popular Culture


LGBTQIA, Chicago, Stonewall; Leftovers; Women Make Movies; LGBTQ

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