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Addiction Incorporated

ADDICTION INCORPORATED tells the true story of how former Philip Morris scientist Victor DeNoble's unexpected discovery of an addiction ingredient in tobacco led to more addictive cigarettes, and how his Congressional testimony forever changed how tobacco is sold and marketed.

The public revelation of long-held tobacco industry secrets leads journalists, politicians, attorneys and whistleblowers into an unexpected alliance that achieves the first-ever federal regulation of the tobacco industry.

Victor's unwavering determination to 'do some good' leads to a career as an educator that informs kids about the world's only industry where success is measured by a corporation's ability to addict.

'Addiction Incorporated offers a creative and insightful documentary rendition of a vitally important chapter in twentieth century public health history...Graphic illustrations and insightful interviews are interwoven with the highly effective focal point of telling the story through the experience of a critical industry whistleblower. It is a narrative not to be missed by anyone interested in public policy perspectives on tobacco control.' Robert L. Rabin, A. Calder Mackay Professor of Law, Stanford Law School, co-Author of Regulating Tobacco and Smoking Policy: Law, Politics, and Culture

'Addiction Incorporated tells the story of whistleblower Vincent DeNoble and the cascade of history-making events brought on by his revelations about tobacco industry practices. The tale is told not through a narrator, but by way of the actual voices of a dramatis personae of over 50 scientists, policymakers, journalists, activists, lawyers, and tobacco industry representatives. From start to finish, Addiction Incorporated is a gripping public health suspense thriller.' Mark Wolfson, Professor of Social Sciences and Health Policy, Wake Forest University, Author, The Fight Against Big Tobacco: The Movement, the State, and the Public's Health

'Addiction Incorporated does the best job I've ever seen explaining how nicotine addiction works. And Victor DeNoble's story puts a face on the realities of a scientist trying to be ethical inside and outside a cigarette company.' Dr. Stanton Glantz, Professor of Medicine, Director of the Center for Tobacco Control, University of California - San Francisco

'A well-investigated movie that provides insights into the tobacco industry's activities to suppress scientific evidence on tobacco addiction and use their resources to intimidate scientists, the media, and public and elected officials...This is a must-see movie for academics, public health practitioners, policymakers, and even tobacco users interested in combating tobacco use, the leading preventable cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. It is an eye-opener into the inner workings of the tobacco industry!' Mr. Hadii Mohammed Mamudu, Assistant Professor of Public Health, East Tennessee State University, co-Author of Global Tobacco Control: Power, Policy Governance and Transfer

'Highly Recommended...The viewer is led to understand the complex issues of big business and government intervention...The film would be appropriate for public, school, and academic libraries to support anti-smoking education and programs for sociology, law involving consumer protection, public health, and journalism.' Sue F. Phelps, Washington State University, Educational Media Reviews Online

'An extremely interesting snapshot that gives viewers a chance to watch a rather sordid piece of American corporate history...An informative viewing experience.' John R. Clark, Hartland Public Library, School Library Journal

'Eye-opening...A thought-provoking examination of what modern history has to tell us about the commercialization of legal addiction, Addiction Incorporated is highly recommended.' The Midwest Book Review

'Skillfully braids the reminiscences of journalists, lawyers, and elected officials who fought the corporations.' Melissa Anderson, Village Voice

'Potent...Producer Charles Evans Jr.'s directorial debut finds an engrossing suspense angle in the involvement of Victor DeNoble...Assemble is first-rate down the line.' Dennis Harvey, Variety

'Engrossing...Science ultimately trumps commerce and conspiracy in Addiction Incorporated.' Mark Jenkins, NPR

'A prodigious historical documentary bursting with brilliant interviews with key players from every level of the scientific-media-political-corporate playing field. Addiction Incorporated reveals the nearly untouchable power of large immoral corporations and demonstrates the ability of committed individuals to insist on justice, even when confronted with the most daunting of odds... [A] beautifully polished documentary.' Gar Smith, The Berkeley Daily Planet

'Straight-shooting, hard-hitting and fuming with contempt for the tobacco industry.' Jeannette Catsoulis, The New York Times

'Eminently watchable...The film packs a wallop...The cast of characters Evans has assembled - heroes, villains, and many in between - bring the story of rapid scientific, political, and social change to new, unforgettable light.' Loren King, The Boston Globe

'Shines a flashlight on the underhanded tactics that rope smokers in...Addiction Incorporated can be seen as both a corrective and cautionary tale about the fallout when big business calls its own shots, even in what should be an ethically neutral area as scientific discovery.' Kevin Filipski, Film-Forward

'Skillfully documents the work of an under-recognized hero, Victor DeNoble, without whom our country would very likely not have progressed nearly as far as it has in its war on cigarettes...There is hope that in time, the industry will be sued, taxed, and legislated completely out of existence.' Charles Meyer, CINESPECT


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Evans, Charles (film director)
Evans, Charles (film producer)
DeNoble, Victor (interviewee)
Samite (musician)

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Directors of photography, Peter Nelson, Igor Martinovic; editors, Kristen Huntley, Jay Keuper, Anthony Simon; music, Samite Mulondo.

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