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Titles added in the last six months

Note: If your institution subscribes to The Docuseek Complete Collection, some these titles may not be available for viewing at your institution until the next quarterly update in September.

States of Terror

Investigates the role played by the Spanish and French governments in a campaign of terrorist acts designed to suppress ETA and the Basque Separatist movement. Added September 28, 2022

Icarus Films | 2001 | 59 minutes | 10-12, College, Adult

Silvestre Pantaleon

The story of an elderly man from the Nahuatl-speaking village of San Agustin Oapan, Mexico. Added September 12, 2022

Icarus Films | 2012 | 65 minutes | 9-12, College, Adult

Blue Island

This creative documentary shows real-life characters recreating protest movements from Hong Kong's modern history. Added September 7, 2022

dGenerate Films | 2022 | 98 minutes

The Women of Hezbollah

A portrait of two women activists in the Hezbollah, and an examination of the personal, social and political factors of their commitment to this Islamic movement in Lebanon. Added August 30, 2022

Icarus Films | 2001 | 49 minutes | 10-12, College, Adult

Fly So Far

A grave warning of how far state control of women’s bodies can go, FLY SO FAR follows Teodora Vásquez, who was sentenced to thirty years in a Salvadorean prison after she suffered a stillbirth. Added August 26, 2022

Women Make Movies | 2021 | 89 minutes | College, Adults

Ways of Being Home

An evocative audiovisual meditation on the experience of Mexican immigrants living and working in rural America. Added August 26, 2022

Women Make Movies | 2020 | 72 minutes | College, Adults

The Celine Archive

In 1932, Celine Navarro was buried alive by her own community in Northern California. This is an attempt to uncover the real story, revealing Navarro’s feminism and resistance in a time when neither was embraced, as well as the silences that haunt Filipino-American communities to this day. Added August 26, 2022

Women Make Movies | 2020 | 69 minutes | College, Adults

The Righteous Babes

Explores the intersection of feminism with popular music, focusing on the role of female recording artists in the 1990s and their influence on modern women. Added August 26, 2022

Women Make Movies | 1998 | 50 minutes | College, Adults

The Vienna Tribunal 

Highlights of moving personal testimonies at the Global Tribunal on Violations of Women's Rights reveal why women's rights need to be seen as human rights. Added August 26, 2022

Women Make Movies | 1994 | 48 minutes | College, Adults

Made in Thailand

In Thailand, women make up 90 percent of the labor force responsible for garments and toys for export by multinational corporations. This powerful, revealing documentary about women factory workers and their struggle to organize unions exposes the human cost behind the production of everyday items that reach our shores. Added August 26, 2022

Women Make Movies | 1999 | 30 minutes | College, Adults