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Titles added in the last six months

Note: If your institution subscribes to The Docuseek Complete Collection, some these titles may not be available for viewing at your institution until the next quarterly update in June.

Devil in the Flesh

One of the most controversial Italians films of the '80s, DEVIL IN THE FLESH takes Raymond Radiguet's classic novel and updates it to modern times. Added April 10, 2021

Icarus Films | 1986 | 109 minutes

La Commune (Paris 1871) Part 1

The most recent film by Peter Watkins. A 5 hour 45 minute event. Based on a thorough historical research into the Paris Commune of 1871, this film leads to an inevitable reflection about the present. Added March 24, 2021

Icarus Films | 2000 | 165 minutes | 11-12, College, Adult

Downstream to Kinshasa

People in the Democratic Republic of Congo travel via boat to the capital to demand reparations for their injuries incurred during the Six-Day War. Added March 23, 2021

Icarus Films | 2021 | 89 minutes


Chronicles how climate change has accelerated a collision between one of the world's most endangered species, North America's most valuable fishery, and the federal agency mandated to protect both. Added March 17, 2021

Bullfrog Films | 2021 | 75 minutes | 9-12, College, Adults

What If Babel Was Just a Myth?

The societies that populate the heart of the African continent form such a mosaic that it is not uncommon to meet villagers speaking six to seven languages. But how much longer will this last? Added March 15, 2021

Icarus Films | 2019 | 56 minutes

Paris Calligrammes

Artist Ulrike Ottinger resurrects the old Saint-Germain-des-Prés and Latin Quarter of 1960s Paris. Added March 12, 2021

Icarus Films | 2020 | 131 minutes

The East Wind State Farm

Condemned "Rightists" sentenced "thought reform" share first-person accounts of life in a notorious Chinese labor camp. Added March 10, 2021

dGenerate Films | 2009 | 101 minutes | 10-12, College, Adult

Vital Signs

Explores the politics of disability through performances at a national conference on disability and the arts. Added March 4, 2021

The Fanlight Collection | 1995 | 48 minutes | College/Adult/Professional

Can You Hear Us Now?

Unravels the ways that years of one-party rule have reshaped democracy in Wisconsin, where voters are finding their lives increasingly irrelevant to state lawmakers. Added February 19, 2021

Bullfrog Films | 2021 | 87 minutes | 9-12, College, Adults

Delphine's Prayers

A portait of Delphine, a Cameroonian woman who turned to prostitution to support her family. Added February 16, 2021

Icarus Films | 2021 | 91 minutes