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Bully Dance

BULLY DANCE is the third film in the ShowPeace series -- lively, animated films designed to explore issues of conflict and dispute resolution. They are produced by the National Film Board of Canada.

BULLY DANCE is a non-verbal film with a strong message about bullies. In the film a community is disrupted when a bully victimizes a smaller member of the group. Eventually, the whole community becomes involved in dealing with the bully, who is himself a victim in his own house. Issues of peer pressure, accountability and imbalance of power are explored in a story that deals with a sensitive and pervasive problem. It has special resonance for schools in the US today.

Visually arresting and supported by a substantial study guide, the film also features a unique soundtrack of percussion instruments composed by Judith Gruber-Stitzer.

BULLY DANCE was created by the Academy Award-nominated animator Janet Perlman. Janet also made DINNER FOR TWO, the first film in the ShowPeace series.

'An appealing, sensitive and elegant look at intimidation and victimization in school (and in every day life). Raises issues in a non-threatening manner so that students may be encouraged to discuss openly their feelings and experiences surrounding this age old phenomenon. This film has enough sophistication to be of interest to all age groups and has enough substance to satisfy the discerning post-secondary instructor interested in gender, childhood socialization, violence at home and at school and relations of authority.' Electronic Journal of Sociology

'The messages these cartoons...send to the audience are so vivid that anybody would be able to follow the plot and make his or her own story...Grabs the attention quickly with the interesting abstract images and rhythmic soundtrack. This film is highly recommended for all age levels.' Selina Wang, Univ. of New Orleans, MC Journal

'The accompanying guide effectively suggests ways for viewers to identify bullying behavior, consider the responsibility of bystanders, and note the coping strategies used by victims. This animation is perfect for initiating the discussion of conflict resolution in a unique way.' Tom Schantz, SchoolArts (Magazine)

'An excellent video resource that depicts the complexity of the bully/victim dynamic. It has wide appeal for both student and adult audiences. I highly recommend Bully Dance for anyone who wants to spark interesting conversations about bullying in our society.' Susan M. Swearer, Ph.D., University of Nebraska-Lincoln

'Resource meets CLRN Review Criteria.' California Learning Resource Network


Main credits

Page, Marcy (Producer)

Other credits

Judith Gruber-Stitzer, music and sound design.

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Children's Films
Children's Stories: Animation
Conflict Resolution
Language Arts
Life Skills
Social Psychology


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