Distributor:  Bullfrog Films
Length:  27 minutes
Date:  2002
Genre:  Expository
Language:  English
Grade level: 7-12, College, Adult
Color/BW:  Color
Closed captioning available
Interactive transcript available
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City Life - Stop the Traffick

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Investigates horror of child sex industry in Cambodia.

City Life - Stop the Traffick

Thirty years of war has left Cambodia ravaged and poverty-stricken. Since the end of the brutal Khmer Rouge rule, poverty, corruption and global tourism have combined to make it particularly vulnerable to the child labor industry. Children as young as ten years old are trafficked into cities from rural areas to become sex workers or trafficked out to comparatively wealthy Thailand to work as beggars, domestic laborers, or laborers on construction sites. Most of the sex workers are girls, although some of the boys on the streets are working as prostitutes too.

With seventy percent of the Cambodian population living in rural areas, international trafficking gangs target poor rural families, often striking when times are hardest. They offer 'loans' in return for the children which then accumulate huge interest repayments, leaving the children trapped in 'debt bondage' for life.

This program from the City Life series investigates the trade and new efforts by the International Labor Organization and local groups to rescue the children and stop the traffic.

'A brief but densely informative piece that exposes the depth of child exploitation and abuse in Cambodia's burgeoning sex industry... Stop the Traffick gives a human face to the socioeconomic problems of Southeast Asia that are portrayed so abstractly in the Western media.' Tanya Palit, Women and International Development


Main credits

Marlow, Emily (Director)
Heat, Michael (cmm)
Gawin, Luke (Producer)

Other credits

Camera, Sarah Cole; editors, Smita Maldé, Sotira Kyriacou; music, The Definitive Break, Rusty B. & Joseph Adams.

Distributor credits

Television Trust for the Environment

Emily Marlow

Television Trust for the Environment
Emily Marlow
Series Editor: Jenny Richards
Series Producer: Luke Gawin

Docuseek2 subjects

Women's Studies
Human Rights
Rape and Sexual Abuse
Human Rights Law
Rural Studies
History of Science
Asian Studies
Domestic Abuse

Distributor subjects

Asian Studies
At-risk Youth
Child Labor
Developing World
Global Issues
Human Rights
International Studies
Labor and Work Issues
Social Justice
Women's Studies


Cambodia, Khmer Rouge, sex workers, child labor, Bangkok, International Labor Organization, Thailand; "Stop the Traffick"; Bullfrog Films

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