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Together Against Violence

City Life - Together Against Violence
Bennetlands is a ghetto community in the heart of Kingston, Jamaica -- home to five thousand people. Half of them are under 25 and over two thousand are unemployed. Once, despite the poverty, Bennetlands was a peaceful place, with daily life revolving around its primary school, two churches and the S-Corner Clinic, which provided health care, support and education for high school drop-outs. But in the 1980s war broke out in the region -- with rival 'corner' gangs fighting a vicious turf battle over Bennetlands' one high street, terrorizing the neighborhood and preventing children from going to school. Then one of the gang leaders, the 'dons' in the local parlance, was shot outside the S-Corner Clinic, and the community decided that enough was enough.

Together Against Violence recreates the story of how the local leaders joined forces to challenge the local gangs to heal their differences and work together to restore a sense of community in one poor Jamaican neighborhood.
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Main credits

Wilmot, Cynthia (film director)
Nicholson, Hilary (film producer)
Nicholson, Hilary (narrator)
Persad, Gayatri (film producer)
Gentles, Mark A. (editor of moving image work)
Fullwood, Hopeton (editor of moving image work)
Richards, Jenny (editor of moving image work)
Gawin, Luke (film producer)

Other credits

Editors, Mark A. Gentles, Hopeton Fullwood; series editor, Jenny Richards; series producer, Luke Gawin.

Docuseek subjects

Distributor subjects

At-risk Youth
Central America/The Caribbean
Citizenship and Civics
Conflict Resolution
Death And Dying
Developing World
Global Issues
International Studies
Urban Studies


Jamaica, gang warfare, poverty, Bennetlands; "Together Against Violence"; Bullfrog Films