Do You Remember Vietnam?

In 1978, three years after the fall of Saigon, John Pilger went back to Vietnam to find out what had happened under the new regime.

He talks with a young tour guide at a war crimes museum, who had been imprisoned in the infamous US tiger cages. He follows a former North Vietnamese soldier into the underground base where he spent 20 years crawling through tunnels undetected.

He visits the street in Hanoi that was the target of the largest single aerial bombardment in history. And he shows us the re-education camps where former drug addicts, prostitutes, South Vietnam soldiers, and others are being taught what to think.

And he reminds us of the long history of Vietnam's wars for independence.

44% of Vietnam's forests have been decimated, poisonous chemicals have produced babies with deformations, 58,000 Americans and 2 - 5 million Vietnamese lost their lives.

And all of this suffering was for what? 'To stop the spread of Chinese communism' was the rationale. And yet, Pilger argues, if we had let them form their own independent state in the late 1940s, what probably would have emerged is what is emerging now - a kind of Asian Yugoslavia.

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'It is almost impossible to be objective in reviewing [Do You Remember Vietnam?], but the sheer expertise and dedication shown in its making demand the highest praise. Be prepared, prospective American buyers, for a monument to the documentary art.' Variety


Main credits

Pilger, John (reporter)
Munro, David (film producer)
Munro, David (film director)

Other credits

Photography, Mike Dodds; film editor, Glen Cardno.

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American Studies
Asian Studies
Conflict Resolution
Global Issues
Human Rights
International Studies
Political Science
Social Justice
Toxic Chemicals
War and Peace


John Pilger, Saigon, Vietnam, tiger cages, North Vietnamese soldier, Hanoi, re-education camps, drug addicts, prostitutes, South Vietnam soldiers, bombing campaign, Vietnam's wars for independence, forests, poisonous chemicals, Chinese communism; "Do You Remember Vietnam?"; Bullfrog Films