ECONOMICS takes an insightful look at the modern economic system and its purported benefit to global society. It denounces the myths that everything has a price tag, purchasing things will bring people happiness, and that wealth, happiness, and fulfillment are inseparable from money. It asserts that focusing on human and natural capital can truly benefit society and suggests that the values of life outweigh financial values. Featured are David Korten and Maude Barlow, along with Paul Hawken, Amory and Hunter Lovins and the ideas presented in their book Natural Capitalism.'

ECONOMICS, and its companion program CULTIVATING CHANGE, from the second installment of REINVENTING THE WORLD, introduce us to innovative people, and their ideas for practical solutions to the big problems affecting all of us. Hosted by Canadian author, gardener, and activist Des Kennedy, both programs offer clear alternatives to the questions we are all facing at the beginning of this new millennium.

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Main credits

Springbett, David (film director)
Springbett, David (film producer)
MacAndrew, Heather (screenwriter)
Kennedy, Des (narrator)
Kennedy, Des (screenwriter)

Other credits

Editor, Jack Morbin; photography, Gord More - Quadra Productions; original music, Tobin Stokes.

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American Studies
Canadian Studies
International Studies
Local Economies
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economics, reinventing the world, dez kennedy, maude barlow, hunter lovins, amory lovins, social change; "Economics"; Bullfrog Films