Escape from Affluenza

This video shows audiences how to declare their independence from the epidemic of rampant consumerism and materialism ailing Americans and our environment by adopting the practices of simple living.

Like AFFLUENZA, this sequel uses expert commentary, thought-provoking vignettes and humor to show how people can reduce their consumption and simplify their lives.

With stories of real people from Seattle to the Netherlands who have altered their lifestyles and re-discovered the joy of living, ESCAPE FROM AFFLUENZA offers the antidote to debt, stress, time-pressure and possession-overload.

'This video...brings thoughtfulness and humor, down-to-earth practicality and visionary hopes to the work of recovery. If you are in the early stages of wanting to live differently, watch ESCAPE FROM AFFLUENZA. You'll find you have company, and you'll have an idea what to do next.' Earthlight

'It is notable that both films are upbeat (even while introducing lots of worrisome information) because of their light touch, and the way they introduce us to lots of people who are making many changes in their lives. They avoid a grim this-is-the-only-way-to-live legalism.' Quaker Life

'ESCAPE FROM AFFLUENZA is...easily recommended.' Video Librarian


Main credits

De Graaf, John (film producer)
De Graaf, John (editor of moving image work)
De Graaf, John (screenwriter)
Boe, Vivia (film producer)
Boe, Vivia (screenwriter)
Urbanska, Wanda (host)

Other credits

Photography, Greg Davis [and 10 others]; music, Sheila M. Espinoza, ASCAP, Michael Bade, BMI.

Docuseek2 subjects

Distributor subjects

American Studies
Consumer Economics
Environmental Ethics
Home Economics
Local Economies
Marketing and Advertising
Media Literacy
Simple Living
Voluntary Simplicity


consumerism, materialism, affluenza, environment, simple living, Seattle, Netherlands, Cal de Witt, Dick Roy, Juliet Schor,; "Escape from Affluenza"; Bullfrog Films

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