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The Killing of Chico Mendes

The Killing of Chico Mendes

The series concludes with the story of Chico Mendes whose brutal murder on December 22, 1988, provoked international protest and brought worldwide attention to the problem of Amazonian deforestation. The film follows his rise to prominence as the leader of the rubber-tappers, or seringueiros. The seringueiros have lived in the rainforest for over 100 years, susbsisting by tapping native rubber, collecting Brazil nuts, and other ecologically sustainable activities. Seeing their way of life threatened, Mendes formed the seringueiros into a union and led the fight to halt the devastation of the rainforest and to create protected areas, called 'extractive reserves,' to be managed by local seringueiros communities.

'Packed with information, this documentary sheds new light on the issue...Highly recommended, this is an outstanding choice.' ****Video Rating Guide for Libraries


Main credits

Cowell, Adrian (Director)
Cowell, Adrian (Screenwriter)
James, Roger (Producer)
Kirk, Michael (Screenwriter)
Lyman, Will (Narrator)

Other credits

Camera, Vicente Rios; editor, Jim Astrausky.

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Current Affairs
Developing World
Forests and Rainforests
International Issues
Latin America


Chico Mendes,; murder, Amazonian deforestation, rubber-tappers; "The Killing of Chico Mendes"; Bullfrog Films