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Once a Nomad

Otjomitjira village lies amidst a breathtaking landscape in northwestern Namibia. The Himba population here is less than seventy people; another of Namibia's tribes, the Herero, also live here alongside oases of fresh water, making a living off the land with their own cattle. You can't get more isolated than the Himba people. They wear few clothes, some jewelry...and carry cell-phones! They're dubious that LIFE APPS can help them: elephant warning systems, tracking cattle -- there are plenty of potential applications.

Poor signal strength is one problem; another is that many phones are only 2G. And although the women can't read, they use icons to recognise numbers. Software developers Dalton and Lameck, from Namibia's capital Windhoek, are determined to persuade the Himba that they can help them with a mobile phone app that will help them market their goods and communicate more effectively.

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Main credits

Akwaake, Abius (Director)
Isaac, Denver (Narrator)
Bradshaw, Steve (Film editor)

Other credits

Music, Just A Band, Audio Network; director of photography: Carroll Mhlanga.

Docuseek subjects

Distributor subjects

African Studies
Developing World
Global Issues


Namibia, Himba, marketing their goods, Otjomitjira, Herero, living off the land, cattle, jewelry, cell phones, elephant warning systems, tracking cattle, poor signal strength, illiterate, Windhoek, mobile phone app, help marketing goods, communicate,"Once a Nomad",Bullfrog Films

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