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Orchestrating Change

ORCHESTRATING CHANGE is the feature- length documentary film that tells the inspiring story of Me2/Orchestra, the only orchestra in the world created by and for people living with mental illness and those who support them. The orchestra's mission is to erase the stigmatization of people living with mental illness through the creation of beautiful music, community, compassion and understanding... one concert at a time. Most important, it is changing the lives of the musicians and audiences in ways they never imagined.

With compelling characters, striking animation, even humor, ORCHESTRATING CHANGE addresses many of the myths about mental illness by showing what living with a mental illness is really like -- with both setbacks and accomplishments. The film challenges audiences to reconsider their preconceived notions about mental illness. For those living with a diagnosis, it is empowering.

The film culminates in an extraordinary concert that is a triumph for Me2/Orchestra's conductor, who lives with bipolar disorder and thought he might never conduct again, and for the musicians, their families and the audience.

'To the performers in the Me2/Orchestra, Mr. Braunstein is much more than a conductor. He's a friend and a mentor, as well as a living example of what can happen when a person with mental illness is accepted unconditionally and treated with dignity and respect.' Jane E. Brody, Personal Health Columnist, The New York Times

'The film...paints the portrait of an ensemble that functions as much as surrogate family as an orchestra...The ensemble's importance transcends questions about whether particular performance standards are met.' David Weininger, The Boston Globe

'Inspiring...With empathy, honesty, and humor, Orchestrating Change follows the fascinating story of Me2/Orchestra.' Robin L. Flanigan, Bp Hope Magazine

'Riveting...A powerful story.' Brett Campbell, Oregon Artswatch

'The Me/2 musicians shared their stories in such a powerful way. The film is a wonderful tool to raise awareness and fight stigma. Highly recommended!' Wendy Giebink, Executive Director, National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) South Dakota

'This film has it all, an authentic look into what it means to live with mental illness, the vital importance of community, meaningful work and interactions, and the exceptional potential that exists in each of us. I recommend this film to anyone who seeks a series of beautiful stories with an outstanding ending; leaving us wanting know what happens next!' Jill Wiedermann-West, CEO, People Incorporated, Mental Health Services

'Ronald Braunstein's vision of creating an ensemble for people learning to live creatively with their mental health, playing music alongside those who work with them, is captured clearly and presented inspiringly. Music is such a powerful art form, and is here employed for positive change in those who participate in its making as well as those who listen. We are challenged in this film to change our minds in order to change our world, viewing one another with insight and deeper compassion.' Delta David Grier, Music Director, South Dakota Symphony

'Margie and Barbara made a profoundly resonant connection with Ronald Braunstein, the gifted conductor whose career trajectory was disrupted by his bipolar disorder. This film is a beautifully told, heartwarming story that gives us all hope, at the deepest human level, for our future as a loving, connected species.' Jamie Bernstein, Author, Daughter of Leonard Bernstein

'The film does a terrific job humanizing mental illness and demonstrating what people are capable of when they set their minds on an important goal and work together to achieve it.' David S. Jones, Professor of the Culture of Medicine, Professor of Epidemiology, Harvard University

'Facing the stigma around mental health requires all of us to reconceptualize illness, independence, and even our lives. Orchestrating Change does that brilliantly through narratives of those most affected, brief animations, and performance.' Aubry Threlkeld, Associate Dean of Education, Endicott College

'Orchestrating Change is a moving and accurate view of the way that mental health intersects with the creative process. Focusing on an orchestra of people dealing with various forms of mental distress, we meet, get to know, and come to admire the conductor and members of this group who channel their unique individual life situations into the beauty of classical music.' Lennard J. Davis, Professor of English, Professor of Disability and Human Development, Professor of Medical Education, University of Illinois at Chicago

'Maestro Ronald Braunstein wants audiences to walk away from Me2/Orchestra performances feeling like people with mental illness can really work together and make something beautiful. I would like audiences to walk away understanding that they have much more in common with these talented musicians than they ever thought possible - a shared love of music, a shared appreciation of the skill and commitment required to make beautiful music, and a shared connection to the feelings music elicits in us all. I believe that it is the recognition of what we all have in common that breaks down barriers between people, forges human connection and promotes humanities.' Joanne Nicholson, Professor, The Institute for Behavioral Health, Brandeis University

'There are some things in life that you just can't fake. Making great music and true compassion are at the core of this extraordinary film. Mental illness is no longer remote; mental health is not merely an aspiration. Orchestrating Change is a signpost for love, talent, and the gift of making a community.' Sean Astin, Actor, Director, Mental Health Advocate

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