Suspended Dreams

Suspended Dreams

A courageous documentary from Lebanon about the effects of 16 years of civil war on what was once the intellectual, cultural and commercial center of the Arab world. The film tells the story of four Beirut citizens from very different backgrounds as they struggle to reconstruct their homes and lives amid the chaos, the broken buildings, and the unexploded mines of their once beautiful city. The film assesses the appalling impact of modern warfare on the environment, and looks ahead to a new conflict in the making over the Middle East's most precious commodity -- water.

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'Suspended Dreams discloses the environmental and cultural problems faced by a post-war Lebanon, yet also captures the legendary artistic gift of the Lebanese to express their pain, and their disarming ability to laugh at themselves... emphasize[s] the generational legacy of war, and moreover the pragmatic and emotional difficulties of civilian life left after the politicians ostensibly sign a piece of paper... [Suspended Dreams] attest[s] to the timely necessity of justly resolving the Palestinian-Israeli problem.' Al Jadid, A Review of Arab Culture and Arts


Main credits

Chamoun, Jean Khalil (film director)
Chamoun, Jean Khalil (film producer)
Masri, Mai (film director)
Masri, Mai (film producer)

Other credits

Editor, Hussein Yunis; photographer, Hassan Neemani; music, Ali Jihad Racy [and 4 others].

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Distributor subjects

Conflict Resolution
Developing World
Middle Eastern Studies
Social Psychology
War and Peace


Lebanon, civil war, Arab world, cultural, Beirut; "Suspended Dreams"; Bullfrog Films