Teach a Woman How to Fish And...

Teach a Woman How to Fish And...
Like so many inhabitants of small island states, the Pacific islanders of Kiribati and Fiji are faced with overpopulation, resource depletion, poor diet and a scarcity of fresh water. But an innovative scheme to train women in new sea farming techniques is not only giving them the opportunity to develop their own income-generating skills but has also given them a greater voice in how family income is spent and in how their villages are run.

'Express(es)...women's desire for independence, self-sufficiency and the important role of having a voice in the process of decision-making...fast paced, yet informative...geared toward the advanced high school student and above...has a place in all video collections in the areas of Women's Studies, History, Sociology and Anthropology. Highly Recommended.'
Belinda L. Robinson-Jones, Coordinator, Educational Media Center/AV Services, Ohio University, Zanesville, MC Journal


Main credits

Hermanson, Dale (screenwriter)
Simmons, Amelia (film producer)
Simmons, Amelia (screenwriter)
Qereqeretabua, Lenora (narrator)

Other credits

Photographer, Dale Hermanson, Glen Hughes; editor, Joji Nabalarua.

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Distributor subjects

Developing World
Pacific Studies
Women's Studies


sea farming, women, Fiji, Kiribati, ; overpopulation, resource depletion, fresh water; ,"Teach a Woman How to Fish And...",Bullfrog Films