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The Docuseek2 Complete Collection 2nd Edition

All of the Docuseek2 content, to be 1800 titles by the end of 2020.

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The 3 Rooms of MelancholiaThe 3 Rooms of Melancholia

An award-winning, stunningly beautiful revelation of how the Chechen War has psychologically affected children in Russia and in Chechnya.

Icarus Films ♦ 2005 ♦ 104 minutes ♦ College, Adult
Three SistersThree Sisters
Eritrea's women fought in the war. Should they now liberate themselves from harmful traditional practices?
Bullfrog Films ♦ 2008 ♦ 26 minutes ♦ 7-12, College, Adult
Three Songs about MotherlandThree Songs about Motherland

A film about collisions between the past, present, and future in three Russian cities today.

Icarus Films ♦ 2010 ♦ 39 minutes ♦ 9-12, college, adult
Thumbs DownThumbs Down

A teenage youth group decides "to bring Christ to their neighborhood" by holding an anti-war Mass at their conservative Chicago parish.

Kartemquin Films ♦ 1968 ♦ 102 minutes
An in-depth portrait of a Cuban agricultural collective that has drawn international acclaim for its sustainable practices.
Icarus Films ♦ 2014 ♦ 49 minutes ♦ 8-12, COLLEGE, ADULT
Tighten Your Belts, Bite the BulletTighten Your Belts, Bite the Bullet

The 1970s fiscal crises in New York and Cleveland.

Icarus Films ♦ 1981 ♦ 48 minutes ♦ 10-12, College, Adult

Reveals the challenges faced by a native run child care agency in northwestern Ontario.

Icarus Films ♦ 1991 ♦ 59 minutes ♦ 9-12, College, Adult
Tinghir JerusalemTinghir Jerusalem
Filmmaker and historian Kamal Hachkar goes in search of a community that has vanished - and confronts fundamental questions of his own identity in the process.
Icarus Films ♦ 2014 ♦ 86 minutes ♦ 8-12, COLLEGE, ADULT
The Tiniest PlaceThe Tiniest Place
The story of a small village in El Salvador, destroyed during the country's civil war, and its remarkable rebirth today.
Icarus Films ♦ 2012 ♦ 104 minutes ♦ 11-12, College, Adult
To Be SeenTo Be Seen

A lively study of visual culture, and an exploration of an age-old urban cultural phenomenon, street art. What is art's role in the context of public space and urban culture?

Icarus Films ♦ 2006 ♦ 30 minutes ♦ 7-12, College, Adult

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