Thematic collections

The African Studies CollectionThe African Studies Collection
A collection of films from and about sub-Saharan Africa. (135 titles)
The African-American Studies CollectionThe African-American Studies Collection
A collection of essential African-American Studies films.
(41 titles)
The Aging CollectionThe Aging Collection
A collection of Docuseek2 films that examine and help to redefine how we look at the process of growing older. (27 titles)
The Anthropology CollectionThe Anthropology Collection
The world of anthropology through film, covering the range of sub-disciplines, including applied anthropology, cultural anthropology, forensic anthropology and historical anthropology. (101 titles)
The Architecture CollectionThe Architecture Collection
Twenty-eight distinctive films that explore the challenges facing architecture and design, and the innovative responses to those challenges. (27 titles)
The Arts, Music and Language CollectionThe Arts, Music and Language Collection
A collection of films exploring the many facets and dimensions of the various arts, music and lanuage. (40 titles)
The Asian Studies CollectionThe Asian Studies Collection
A collection of films from and about south, southeast and east Asia. (72 titles)
Black History Month SamplerBlack History Month Sampler
A sampler of films to celebrate Black History Month (16 titles)
The Business and Economics CollectionThe Business and Economics Collection
Essential films on the world of business and economics. (233 titles)
Campus Sustainability Month SamplerCampus Sustainability Month Sampler
A collection of 13 powerful films to enhance programs for Campus Sustainability Month.

  (13 titles)

The Congo History CollectionThe Congo History Collection
A film exploration of the remarkable and problematic history of the Congo. (6 titles)
Criminal Justice StudiesCriminal Justice Studies
A collection of films relevant to the field of criminal justice. (17 titles)
The Detroit CollectionThe Detroit Collection
An outstanding group of films that explores the phenomenon of Detroit, from the 1960s to the present day. (5 titles)
Earth Day SamplerEarth Day Sampler
A collection of 15 powerful films to enhance Earth Day programs. (15 titles)
The Education CollectionThe Education Collection
A collection of films that look at issues in education including special needs education and equality, with a concentration of films about early childhood development. (14 titles)
The Engineering CollectionThe Engineering Collection
Over 30 titles related to engineering, industrial design, new technologies and sustainability. (32 titles)
The Food CollectionThe Food Collection
A collection of films about all things food. (51 titles)
The Global Studies CollectionThe Global Studies Collection
The Global Studies Collection from Docuseek2 explores the many and varied interconnections of countries and cultures around the world today. (47 titles)
The Health and Health Care CollectionThe Health and Health Care Collection
THE HEALTH AND HEALTH CARE COLLECTION features films covering just about every aspect of health, health care and medicine from the leading distributors of social issue and documentary film. (375 titles)
The Indigenous Studies CollectionThe Indigenous Studies Collection
Films from the Docuseek2 collection that cover the history, culture, and contemporary experience of indigenous people around the world. (85 titles)
The Kartemquin Films Labor CollectionThe Kartemquin Films Labor Collection
Classic films on American labor from Kartemquin. (7 titles)
Labor HistoryLabor History
A selection of films exploring the struggles of working men and women for jobs and a decent standard of living. (13 titles)
The Latin American Studies CollectionThe Latin American Studies Collection
A collection of films from and about Latin America. (66 titles)
Mental Health Awareness SamplerMental Health Awareness Sampler
A 13-film sampler of films about the mind, psychology and mental health. (13 titles)
The Middle East Studies CollectionThe Middle East Studies Collection
A collection of films about the Middle East today. (39 titles)
The National Film Board Animation CollectionThe National Film Board Animation Collection
Selections from the National Film Board of Canada's world-renowned animation studios. (36 titles)
Native American HeritageNative American Heritage
A collection of films about Native Americans and First Nations peoples -- history, spirituality, and current struggles to defend the environment, protect their traditions and cultures, and address the challenges of the 21st century. (25 titles)
Nursing StudiesNursing Studies
A collection of films that explore current issues in nursing and the delivery of health care. (16 titles)
Philosophers and IdeasPhilosophers and Ideas
Leading philosophers and thinkers discuss their work and their ideas. (33 titles)
Pride Month SamplerPride Month Sampler
A sampler of 15 titles to enhance Pride Month celebrations. (15 titles)
The Psychology and Mental Health CollectionThe Psychology and Mental Health Collection
Films from The Docuseek2 Complete Collection that broadly address psychology and mental health. (227 titles)
The Religion and Spirituality CollectionThe Religion and Spirituality Collection
A wide-ranging collection of over 40 films from four companies that explore the many facets of religion and spirituality around the world. (41 titles)
The Sustainability CollectionThe Sustainability Collection
THE SUSTAINABILITY COLLECTION covers the breadth and depth of the sustainability movement. (226 titles)
The Urban Studies CollectionThe Urban Studies Collection
A collection of over 40 films that explore the challenges facing cities around the world, and the creative solutions being developed to address those challenges. (50 titles)
Women's History Month SamplerWomen's History Month Sampler
A baker's dozen (more or less) of films celebtrating women's history. (16 titles)
The Women's Studies CollectionThe Women's Studies Collection
A collection of films examing the breadth and depth of women's experiences, stories and thoughts around the world. (161 titles)

Distributor collections

The Docuseek2 Complete Collection 2nd EditionThe Docuseek2 Complete Collection 2nd Edition
All of the Docuseek2 content, to be 1800 titles by the end of 2020. (1417 titles)
The Docuseek2 Essential CollectionThe Docuseek2 Essential Collection
Essential documentaries for the college and university library. (788 titles)
The Bullfrog Films CollectionThe Bullfrog Films Collection
All of the Bullfrog Films titles in the Docuseek2 collection. (548 titles)
The dGenerate Films CollectionThe dGenerate Films Collection
A selection of works from dGenerate Films, the leading source of independent film from mainland China. (15 titles)
The Fanlight CollectionThe Fanlight Collection
Films from The Fanlight Collection (109 titles)
The Icarus Films CollectionThe Icarus Films Collection
The Icarus Films Collection contains all of the Icarus Films titles available for streaming at Docuseek2. (406 titles)
The Kartemquin Films CollectionThe Kartemquin Films Collection
The Kartemquin Films titles available on Docuseek2. (24 titles)
The MediaStorm CollectionThe MediaStorm Collection
Films from MediaStorm, the award-winning film production and interactive design studio. (42 titles)
The National Film Board of Canada CollectionThe National Film Board of Canada Collection
A selection of outstanding films from the National Film Board of Canada (56 titles)
The Scorpion TV CollectionThe Scorpion TV Collection
Films from Scorpion TV, a leading distributor of documentary film based on in London. (10 titles)
The Terra Nova Films CollectionThe Terra Nova Films Collection
All of the titles from Terra Nova Films on Docuseek2. (21 titles)
The Global Environmental Justice DocumentariesThe Global Environmental Justice Documentaries
Award-winning films from around the world explore human rights and environmental protection issues triggered by inequality, global development and climate change.   (27 titles)


The Battle of ChileThe Battle of Chile
The epic chronicle of Chile's open and peaceful socialist revolution, and of the violent counter-revolution against it in 1973. Judy Stone of the San Francisco Chronicle called it 'a landmark in the presentation of living history on film.' (3 titles)
An ambitious six-part series examining the history of ideas and the social forces that have shaped capitalism and the capitalist world. (6 titles)
China 2000 BCChina 2000 BC
New archaeological discoveries provide clues about how many civilizations merged into one Chinese culture two thousand years ago. (2 titles)
Chronicle of a Genocide ForetoldChronicle of a Genocide Foretold
Shot over three years, CHRONICLE OF A GENOCIDE FORETOLD follows several Rwandans before, during, and after the 1994 genocide. (3 titles)
The Cuba Media ProjectThe Cuba Media Project
Six independent Cuban documentaries from the Cuba Media Project of the Americas Media Initiative. (8 titles)
A Day With...A Day With...
Eight African filmmakers each contributed a documentary portrait of the life of a different West African child. (8 titles)
Dead SoulsDead Souls
Wang Bing's powerful film of survivors of the Chinese Communist Party’s Anti-Rightist campaign of 1957 reeducation camps. (3 titles)
The Decade of DestructionThe Decade of Destruction
A unique chronicle of the destruction of the Amazonian rainforest. (6 titles)
Early Life 2Early Life 2
Follows Mayor Amilcar Huanchuari as he tours Brazil and his native Peru looking at programs promoting early childhood development. (2 titles)
Edens Lost and FoundEdens Lost and Found
Four-part series that highlights models for urban transformation in the effort to make Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Seattle into sustainable cities. (4 titles)
The End of the Ottoman EmpireThe End of the Ottoman Empire
The Ottomans ruled three continents for six centuries. How did their rule end, and how does this history inform politics today? (2 titles)
Forgiveness: A Time to Love and a Time to HateForgiveness: A Time to Love and a Time to Hate
A two-film set that explores the human capacity to forgive through a compelling range of stories, from personal betrayal to global reconciliation after genocide. (2 titles)
Future FoodFuture Food
With 9 billion people on planet Earth in the year 2050, this six-part series examines how we will feed ourselves in the 21st century. (6 titles)
Geologic Journey IIGeologic Journey II
5-part series that explores the geologic forces that shape our planet and our lives. (5 titles)
Global GardenerGlobal Gardener
GLOBAL GARDENER is a series of four half-hour programs. Each episode looks at examples of gardening in different bioregions: arid climates, urban areas, the tropics, and cool climates. (4 titles)
The Heroin WarsThe Heroin Wars
The history of the narcotics trade in Burma. (3 titles)
Jean Rouch: Six FilmsJean Rouch: Six Films
Six of renowned ethnographer Jean Rouch's most highly regarded works. (6 titles)
Life 8Life 8
A 16-part series about the effects of globalization on people around the world, and the difficult choices they face. (16 titles)
Life AppsLife Apps
Five-part series in which tech-savvy young adults from around the globe create mobile apps for a better, more sustainable world. (5 titles)
The Life SeriesThe Life Series
136 films from the acclaimed Television Trust for the Environment Life series. (136 titles)
This classic series, created by Emmy and Academy Award winner Peter Davis, explores both the continuity and the change embodied in the people and institutions of one Midwestern community: Muncie, Indiana. (6 titles)
Mobutu, King of ZaireMobutu, King of Zaire
The definitive history and visual record of the rise and fall of Joseph Désiré Mobutu, ruler of Zaire (the Congo) for over 30 years. (3 titles)
The Nano RevolutionThe Nano Revolution
Three-part series explores the promises and potential perils of a new technological frontier -- nanotechnology and the world of the infinitesimally small. (3 titles)
The New MetropolisThe New Metropolis
Two half-hour documentaries use compelling, personal stories to highlight the challenges facing America's 'first' suburbs. (2 titles)
One OceanOne Ocean
Spectacular 4-part series dives into the world's vast interconnected ocean ecosystem--telling the story from its turbulent birth to its threatened future. (4 titles)
The Owl's LegacyThe Owl's Legacy
Chris Marker’s mythical masterpiece released for the first time in 30 years. Thirteen Greek words deciphered by artists and intellectuals from different countries in a film in thirteen episodes, all about the influence of Greek culture in our society. (13 titles)
Planet NeighborhoodPlanet Neighborhood
The latest in energy saving technology and good design. (3 titles)
Standing on Sacred GroundStanding on Sacred Ground
In this 4-part series, indigenous people from eight different cultures stand up for their traditional sacred lands in defense of cultural survival, human rights and the environment. (4 titles)
A Taste of ShakespeareA Taste of Shakespeare
A unique film guide to the most commonly taught Shakespeare plays. (7 titles)
Taylor Chain I and IITaylor Chain I and II
Part I looks the gritty realities of a seven-week strike at a small Indiana chain factory during 1973-74. Part II revisits the factory 10 years later, to show labor and management working together against the odds. (2 titles)
To Tell the TruthTo Tell the Truth
Two films that explore the history of documentary film. (2 titles)
The Todos Santos FilmsThe Todos Santos Films
Four films with the Maya of Guatemala, documenting over three decades of survival and change, by Olivia Carrescia. (4 titles)
With God on Our SideWith God on Our Side
A comprehensive six-hour series treating one of the most important political and cultural stories in contemporary America: the rising power of the Religious Right from 1950 through the 1990s. (6 titles)
A Woman's PlaceA Woman's Place
Six short films about women and development by local women directors. (6 titles)
The Writers of TodayThe Writers of Today
In the 1950s, noted literary critic Walter Kerr interviewed some of the best known writers of the time. This collection pulls together five interviews with acclaimed writers W. H. Auden, Archibald MacLeish, Arthur Miller, Frank O'Connor, and Robert Penn Warren. (5 titles)
Zero Ten TwentyZero Ten Twenty
3-part series revisits 11 children from around the world who were born in 1992, the year of the first Rio Earth Summit, and measures the impact of globalization on their lives. (3 titles)