Anne Clark – I’ll Walk Out Into Tomorrow

Anne Clark – I’ll Walk Out Into Tomorrow

Anne Clark, English poet and spoken word-artist, has been celebrated worldwide on stage for more than 30 years. She set standards as an iconic eloquent, yet modest rebel and is a pioneer of electronic music. Shaped by the punk scene, Anne Clark's career started in the early 1980s. She achieved fame and success with her new wave classics “Sleeper in Metropolis” and “Our Darkness”. By creating groundbreaking analogue synthesizer music she became a forerunner of the techno movement and has influenced an entire generation of musicians. The filmmaker Claus Withopf has accompanied Anne Clark for almost a decade and gives a deep insight in her life and work. He is visualizing the complex socio-critical oeuvre of the exceptional artist and is creating an unusual kaleidoscope of existential poetry and emotional music.

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; "Anne Clark – I’ll Walk Out Into Tomorrow"; Deckert Distribution; musician; electronic music; poet; visual arts; performance artist; England; gender studies;

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