The Scorpion TV Collection

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The Scorpion TV Collection includes the following titles:

Erasing HateErasing Hate

A remarkable story of transformation and redemption, Erasing Hate tells the journey of Bryon Widner out of the world of race hatred. The painful process of removing his extensive white power tatoos is just the outward sign of his inner transformation.

Scorpion TV | 2012 | 59 minutes

With a raw, observational style, Infiltrators follows successive attempts by Palestinians to cross the 20 foot high wall that separates the Occupied Territories from Israel.

Scorpion TV | 2012 | 52 minutes
La AmericanaLa Americana

The immigration debate gains a human face in this intimate cinema-vérité tale of Carmen's dangerous and illegal journey from Bolivia to New York in hopes of earning enough to support her ailing daughter back home.

Scorpion TV | 2010 | 54 minutes

With the spread of electronics and computer networks, privacy is disappearing everywhere, even in the most liberal democracies. What are the implications of this new digital panopticon?

Scorpion TV | 2012 | 57 minutes
Sex Workers and ProudSex Workers and Proud

Women and men in the sex industry forthrightly and unapologetically discuss the nature of their work and the peculiar intersection of sex and economics.

Scorpion TV | 2014 | 83 minutes
The Prey: Silence in the Name of GodThe Prey: Silence in the Name of God

The untold story of child abuse in the Roman Catholic Church in Italy, the home base of the church.

Scorpion TV | 2013 | 51 minutes
The Search for the First EuropeanThe Search for the First European

A science road movie to discover the origins of the first Europeans, told through an entertaining mix scientific knowledge, adventure and humor.

Scorpion TV | 2011 | 58 minutes
The VisitorsThe Visitors

Every Friday night about 800 people, mostly women and children, almost all of them African American and Latino, gather in Manhattan for the long journey to rural New York to visit their loved ones in prison.

Scorpion TV | 2009 | 65 minutes
Train to NowhereTrain to Nowhere

An investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of 11 immigrants found locked inside a railcar in Denision, Iowa.

Scorpion TV | 2010 | 59 minutes
Wolves UnleashedWolves Unleashed

World-renowned animal trainer Andrew Simpson travels to Siberia in winter to make the biggest wolf film ever attempted, revealing the deep bond between human and wolf.

Scorpion TV | 2012 | 89 minutes

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