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The Docuseek UK Collection

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The Docuseek UK Collection includes the following titles:

I Had An Abortion - imageI Had An Abortion

Powerful and fiercely honest, I HAD AN ABORTION tackles the taboo of discussing abortion.

Women Make Movies | 2005 | 55 minutes | College, Adults
After the Rape  - imageAfter the Rape 

After Mukhtar Mai, a rural Pakistani woman, was gang-raped by order of her tribal council as punishment for her younger brother’s alleged relationship with a woman from another clan, she speaks out, fights for justice in the Pakistani courts, starts two schools for girls in her village and a crisis center for abused women.

Women Make Movies | 2008 | 58 minutes
A Boy Named Sue  - imageA Boy Named Sue 

Julie Wyman's compelling documentary chronicles Theo's transformation from a woman to a man over the course of six years.

Women Make Movies | 2000 | 56 minutes
Halving the Bones - imageHalving the Bones

HALVING THE BONES provides a spirited exploration of the meaning of family, history and memory, cultural identity and what it means to have been named after Babe Ruth!

Women Make Movies | 1995 | 70 minutes | College, Adults
Men: A Love Story  - imageMen: A Love Story 
After spending nearly a decade as a journalist documenting young women sold as slaves into the sex trade, award winning filmmaker Mimi Chakarova (THE PRICE OF SEX) sets out on a journey across the United States to explore how men feel about women and love.
Women Make Movies | 2016 | 80 minutes | College, Adults
Made in Thailand - imageMade in Thailand

In Thailand, women make up 90 percent of the labor force responsible for garments and toys for export by multinational corporations. This powerful, revealing documentary about women factory workers and their struggle to organize unions exposes the human cost behind the production of everyday items that reach our shores.

Women Make Movies | 1999 | 30 minutes | College, Adults
Performing the Border - imagePerforming the Border

A video essay set in the Mexican-U.S. border town of Ciudad Juarez, where U.S. multinational corporations assemble electronic and digital equipment just across from El Paso, Texas.

Women Make Movies | 1999 | 42 minutes | College, Adults
Margaret Sanger: A Public Nuisance - imageMargaret Sanger: A Public Nuisance

Highlights Sanger's pioneering strategies of using media and popular culture to advance the cause of birth control.

Women Make Movies | 1992 | 28 minutes | College, Adults
The Righteous Babes - imageThe Righteous Babes

Explores the intersection of feminism with popular music, focusing on the role of female recording artists in the 1990s and their influence on modern women.

Women Make Movies | 1998 | 50 minutes | College, Adults
In the Rumbling Belly of Motherland - imageIn the Rumbling Belly of Motherland

Filmed as the U.S. planned for its September 2021 withdrawal of troops, IN THE RUMBLING BELLY OF MOTHERLAND documents an inspiring female-led news agency in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Women Make Movies | 2021 | 83 minutes | College, Adults

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