Who Made You

Who Made You

Artificial intelligence is reaching our mental and physical existence like never before in the history of human kind. The film leads us to the world of cyborgs, sex robots and androids. It challenges us to face our values, ethics and rethink our position. In order to keep our humanistic values on board with the development, we have to be awake - right now. 
Eye-opening scenes from Finland, Spain, Sweden, Greece and Japan reveals the on-going processes and developments in global level.

The guide in our stimulating journey is a young aspiring Dr. Michael Laakasuo who is making pioneering research on the field of ethics and AI. He stresses that machine-ethics should not be left behind in the technological development. The film asks what the development of AI means to us as human beings. What does it mean for humanity, community, and how it will affect our perception of human? What are the values we want to hold on to? 

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Main credits

Härmä, Iiris (film director)
Härmä, Iiris (screenwriter)
Koiso-Kanttila, Visa (film producer)
Koiso-Kanttila, Visa (director of photography)
Laakasuo, Michael (on-screen participant)

Other credits

Cinematography, Visa Koiso-Kanttila; film editing, Timo Peltola; music Per Störby Jutbring.

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; "Who Made You"; First Hand Films; artificial intelligence; computers; robots; AI; sex; machines; ethics; humanity; technology;