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The GOOD DOCS Canadian Collection

GOOD DOCS are films that do good in the world. Our award-winning collection engages and inspires students by featuring rarely heard stories about individuals and communities working towards a more equitable world. We champion creative expression and complex films that provoke critical thinking. GOOD DOCS represents established documentarians and passionate new filmmakers driven by their experiences as educators, academics, journalists, artists, social workers, community members, and activists. GOOD DOCS films and the GOOD TALKS speaker series offer powerful educational experiences to students and communities everywhere.

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The GOOD DOCS Canadian Collection includes the following titles:

Crow Country: Our Right to Food Sovereignty - imageCrow Country: Our Right to Food Sovereignty

Tribal members on the Crow reservation fight for better food and a better future for their community.

GOOD DOCS | 2020 | 20 minutes
My So-Called Selfish Life - imageMy So-Called Selfish Life

A paradigm-shifting documentary about one of our greatest social taboos: choosing to not become a mother

GOOD DOCS | 2021 | 77 minutes
No Straight Lines - imageNo Straight Lines

The journeys of five scrappy queer artists from the margins of the underground comics scene to mainstream acceptance

GOOD DOCS | 2021 | 79 minutes | College, Adults
Once A Fury - imageOnce A Fury

ONCE A FURY profiles members of The Furies, a 1970s radical collective that developed a lesbian-feminist politic to correct what they called the "zig-zag and haphazard" thinking of the straight women's movement.

GOOD DOCS | 2020 | 83 minutes
Pushed Up The Mountain - imagePushed Up The Mountain

A poetic and personal film about plants and the people who care for them

GOOD DOCS | 2020 | 76 minutes
Say His Name: Five Days for George Floyd - imageSay His Name: Five Days for George Floyd

An on-the-ground look at the uprising in Minneapolis following the murder of George Floyd

GOOD DOCS | 2021 | 21 minutes | 10-12, College, Adults
The Gig Is Up - imageThe Gig Is Up

Uncovering the real costs of the platform economy through the lives of people around the world working for companies like Uber, Amazon and Deliveroo.

GOOD DOCS | 2021 | 88 minutes | College, Adults
The Last Out - imageThe Last Out

Three Cuban baseball players leave their families and risk exile to chase their dreams of playing in the major leagues

GOOD DOCS | 2021 | 84 minutes
Welcome Strangers - imageWelcome Strangers

When asylum-seeking immigrants are released from an ICE detention facility onto unfamiliar streets, where can they go for help?

GOOD DOCS | 2020 | 21 minutes
A Tale of Three Chinatowns - imageA Tale of Three Chinatowns

The history, evolution and challenges faced by Chinatowns in three American cities.

GOOD DOCS | 2021 | 85 minutes | 10-12, College, Adults

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