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Say His Name: Five Days for George Floyd

On Memorial weekend in May of 2020, police were called to Cup Foods on 38th and Chicago in South Minneapolis for a report of a counterfeit money transaction. The world watched the acts that transpired as former police officer Derrick Chauvin, aided by three others, pinned George Floyd down by his neck for over nine minutes, murdering him in front of onlookers that broadcasted the tragic scene live to the world. Minneapolis, the country, and the world would forever change, as a global uprising against systemic racism ensued, the epicenter at the Third Precinct Police station in Director’s Cy Dodson’s longtime neighborhood, revealing an immersive observation of unrest in the days between the killing of George Floyd and the charges filed against police officer Derek Chauvin. The film captures how community members perceived the immense changes in their city and offered support to one another.