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Chain of Love

Chain of Love

The demand for domestic help is increasing in the West, because in many families both parents must work for economic survival. One consequence is migration: escalating numbers of women in the Third World are leaving their own children to take care of kids in the West.

Women from the Philippines are well regarded by prospective employers in the United States and Europe. They speak English, are Catholic, and according to many, are caring, intelligent, and compliant. Or, as Rhacel Parrenas (author of the study Global Servants) remarks, 'The Filipino nanny is the Mercedes Benz amongst the international [caregivers].'

The money the expatriates earn in the West is sent home to the Philippines, where local help can then be hired to look after their children. This money is the Philippines' largest source of income in foreign currency.

CHAIN OF LOVE is a film about the Philippines' second largest export product - maternal love - and how this export affects the women involved, their families in the Philippines, and families in the West.

'A comprehensive look at one of the consequences of the global economy...appropriate for any level of higher education.'-Anthropology Review Database

'An excellent documentary for anyone trying to understand the current processes of globalization. One of the strengths of the film is that it included many perspectives. ...does an outstanding job of exploring key issues... An excellent and timely documentary that focuses on important gender aspects of work in the global economy.'-Asian Educational Media Service's 'News and Reviews'

'A much-needed reminder on the egregious conditions demanded of women within the Third World and the easy exploitation of foreign labor within the industrial world.'- Film Threat

'Recommended! An important and timely topic in an age of increasing economic globalization.'- Educational Media Reviews Online


Main credits

Meerman, Marije (film director)
Toeset, Odette (film producer)
Rave, Yvonne (film producer)
Klippel, Alex (film producer)

Other credits

Camera, Alexander Oey; sound, Fokke van Saane; editor, Floor Smal.

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Distributor subjects

Economic Sociology
Family Relations
Labor Studies
Multi-Cultural Studies
Southeast Asia
Women's Studies


domestic ; nanny; maid; Third World; Philippines; Filipino; Filipina; maternal; love; globalization; immigration; emigration; migration; care; giver; domestic workers; domestic labor; caregiver; caregivers; nannies; foreign; currency; expatriates; children; care chain; chain of love; Rhacel; Parrenas; documentary; film; DVD; video; "Chain of Love"; Icarus Films;

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