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Can a mega-city mobilize its 22 million citizens to become water sustainable?

Mexico City was built not near water but in the middle of a lake. To supply it with fresh water is such a task that it makes it compulsory to bring it from other states. In addition once sewage water leaves the city it ends up in agriculture.

This film is an environmental case study of the Valley of Mexico as it struggles to save itself while its population grows.

'A rallying cry for government and collective action, H2Omx is a good-looking, well-researched and smartly assembled documentary that makes a persuasive case that the time is nigh to remedy the status of water management in the Valley of Mexico.' - Variety


Main credits

Cohen, Jose (Director)
Cohen, Jose (Producer)
Hagerman, Lorenzo (Director)
Hagerman, Lorenzo (Producer)
Hernández, Fernando (Producer)
Cohen, Jaime (Producer)

Other credits

Photography, Bernabé Salinas ... [et al.]; editing, Paula Heredia, Omar Guzmán, Lorenzo Hagerman; music, Laboratorio de Investigación en Resonancia y Expresión de la Naturaleza, A.C., Ariel Guzik.

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Latin America


; "H2Omx"; Icarus Films; water; clean water; Mexico City; Environment, Geography, Latin America, Mexico, Sustainability, Urban Planning & Design, Water

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