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Hunger for Sale

Hunger for Sale

Giant agribusiness and internet companies are investing millions of dollars in innovative food supply start-up businesses. They are trying to invent remedies for hunger-using new technological forms of nutrition.
HUNGER FOR SALE investigates these new methods, efficient for fighting malnutrition, and how they may contribute to increasing the dependence of poor countries on industrialized agriculture. RUTFs (Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Foods) such as Plumpy'Nut, for example, originally created to eradicate acute famines, have become a commodity, and a way to take over the international market of malnourishment: a market of about 900 million people that keeps growing.

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Main credits

Billy, Yves (Director)
Billy, Yves (Producer)
Roumette, Sylvain (Director)
Roumette, Sylvain (Producer)
Roumette, Sylvain (Narrator)

Other credits

Editor, Michèle Loncol; music, Kapagama-K Music, West One Music Limited, Youval Micenmacher.

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Distributor subjects

African Studies
Business and Economics


Africa, African Studies, Business Ethics, Business and Economics, Food, Globalization, Nutrition, Political Economy; "Hunger for Sale"; Icarus Films

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