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Integration Report 1

Integration Report 1

Newly preserved by the Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and Culture, Madeline Anderson’s INTEGRATION REPORT 1 (1960) brings viewers to the front lines of the fight for civil rights.

INTEGRATION REPORT 1 examines the struggle for black equality in Alabama, Brooklyn and Washington, D.C., incorporating footage by documentary legends Albert Maysles and Ricky Leacock, protest songs by Maya Angelou, and a speech by Martin Luther King, Jr.

The films of Madeline Anderson are both essential historical records of activism and a vital body of cinematic work.

"A set of three documentaries ... of great moment [and] enduring power." The New Yorker


Main credits

Anderson, Madeline (film producer)
Brown, Robert Graham (narrator)
Angelou, Maya (performer)

Other credits

Photographed by Alfonso Burney [and 5 others]; narration by Loften Mitchell; singers, Maya Angelou, Lillian Hayman, James Bartow; edited by Zina Voynow.

Docuseek2 subjects

Distributor subjects

African American Studies
Black & White
Civil Rights
Labor Studies
Women's Studies


; "Integration Report 1"; Icarus Films; "Integration Report 1"; Icarus Films; Madeline Anderson; African-American; civil rights; Black History; documentary; human rights; voting rights; Washington D.C.; Martin Luther King;

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