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The Big Game

The Big Game

As Muncie Central and Anderson High prepare to meet for the annual basketball game, a game charged with the spirit of long-established rivalry, THE BIG GAME examines what this competition, and the sport itself, means to the community, the coaches, and most of all to the players themselves.

'The best scene is not when Morgan goes one on one with Rowray. It's when Morgan goes one-on-one with his guidance counselor. If this powerful segment of MIDDLETOWN changes the life of one such high school basketball player, we should all stand up and cheer.' - Buffalo Evening News


Main credits

Davis, Peter (film producer)
Vaughn, E. J. (film director)
Vaughn, E. J. (film producer)
Neuwald, Ruth (film director)
Neuwald, Ruth (film editor)

Other credits

Director of photography, Paul Goldsmith.

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American Studies
North America


Middletown; Indiana; Munice; small town; small-town; sports; competition; high school; school; competition; championship; Anderson; basketball; documentary; film; video; DVD; tournament; "The Big Game"; Icarus Films,doc