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Major Leagues?

Major Leagues?

'Everyone was born for something. I have baseball in my blood.'

It's been a decade since the Federation of Cuban Women encouraged its members to form women's baseball teams. The call launched a movement that has seen women's teams spring up across the island - even as they face scorn and opposition from men who feel that women should not be playing what they see as a man's game.

'I had to choose between my boyfriend and baseball' says one of the women on the Havana team. 'I chose baseball.'

Major Leagues? follows the Havana team as they train and prepare for the annual March 8 Cup - the only official women's baseball tournament. Even at this all-female event, the women are expected to have their nails properly polished and their hair done 'with a feminine touch.'

While today's Cuban female baseball players are pioneers, they are not the first to pick up the bat. For a decade, starting in the mid-1940s, women's teams were feted in Cuba, their games covered in newspapers. Major Leagues? Introduces us to two of the stars of the era, and they discuss their experiences while sitting in the stands and standing in the infield at Havana's massive Estadio Latinoamericano.

Slowly but surely, today's players are changing attitudes. One man says he was 'astonished' by the level of play at a game he attended, while other men defend the women's right to play. The film ends with a group of young baseball-playing boys who not only see nothing wrong with women playing the game - they seek them out for the autographs.

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