Distributor:  Icarus Films
Length:  55 minutes
Date:  2004
Genre:  Expository
Language:  English
Grade level: College, Adult
Color/BW:  Color
Closed captioning available
Interactive transcript available
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Private Dicks: Men Exposed

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Rarely do we hear men talking honestly about their penises - until now. Surveying men from all walks of life, this film explores the naked truth about how men feel about their penises.

Private Dicks: Men Exposed

Men spend a lot of time thinking about their penises, and even thinking with their penises. But rarely do we hear men talking honestly about their penises-until now.

Surveying young and old, gay and straight, large and small, virgin and porn star, from all walks of life, PRIVATE DICKS explores the naked truth about how men feel about their penises.

The men, many of whom appear nude, offer personal revelations that are honest, humorous and often poignant as they frankly discuss puberty, power, impotence, circumcision, sexuality, myths and perceptions, growing old, and, of course, size. Interspersed with clips from vintage sex education films and humorous cartoons, PRIVATE DICKS provides a rare opportunity for both interviewees and audience to begin an honest conversation about masculinity, power, vulnerability, sex and love-all seen through the lens of a man's relationship to his penis.

Among the 25 men interviewed for the documentary are:

  • Gordon, 73, a retired professor who tells of getting syphilis and gonorrhea as a sailor during WWII, and reflects on the decline in libido and prostate troubles that accompany aging
  • 'Lexington Steele,' 28, an adult film actor who recalls how he first realized during his college years that his 11-1/2 inch erection 'might be of some interest,' and discusses the literal ups and downs of a porn star on set.
  • Boris, 57, an advertising director, paralyzed from the mid-torso down since age 17, who talks about sex as a paraplegic.
  • Jesse Sheidlower, slang dictionary editor at Random House, and editor of The F Word, explains the etymology of penis-related slang words and offers some rare historical slang.

'Sometimes humorous and never lecherous... A treasure-trove for sociologists.' -USA Today

'Recommended! An extremely informative and frank discussion of male sexuality. Especially recommended for sociology students.'-Educational Media Reviews Online

'Alternately funny and quite literally touching, they let it all hang out to achieve something close to wisdom.'-Entertainment Weekly

't's often funny, poignant and mostly revealing, providing valuable insight into how men shape their identity from the size and shape of their private parts.'-Hollywood Reporter

'More than 20 subjects, ages 17 to 73, not only strip but speak, grappling honestly and graphically with such topics as masturbation, size, impotence, vasectomies, and circumcision.'-New Woman

'Neither prurient nor offensive... [The men are] the picture of honesty and vulnerability.'-TV Guide


** 2002 Outstanding Achievement Award, Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality


Main credits

Spadola, Meema (Director)
Spadola, Meema (Producer)
Powers, Thom (Director)
Powers, Thom (act)
Rose, Ann (Producer)
Peterson, David (Editor)
Rexer, William (Cinematographer)
Nevins, Sheila (Producer)

Other credits

Associate producer, Ann Rose; editor, David Petersen; director of photography, William Rexer II; original music, John M. Davis ... [et al.]; executive producer, Sheila Nevins.

Distributor credits

A Film by Meema Spadola and Thom Powers

Docuseek2 subjects

Men's Studies
Gender and Sexuality
Gender Studies
American Studies

Distributor subjects

Cultural Studies
Gay Studies
Health Issues
Men's Studies
Sex and Sexuality
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Men; bodies; body image; body; masculinity; masculine; Penis; sexuality; relationships; impotence; documentary; film; video; DVD; Puberty; Circumcision; Growing old; Penises; Sex education; Love; "Private Dicks"; Icarus Films;

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