Unreturned Soldiers In Thailand, The

Unreturned Soldiers In Thailand, The

Imamura has better luck in Thailand, where he brings together three unreturned soldiers to discuss their experiences during the war and after.

The three men - a farmer named Fujita and two doctors: Toshida and Nakayama - have responded very differently to their circumstances. All three openly describe the war crimes they committed as part of the Japanese army, but fight bitterly over their different feelings about the Emperor and the choices each has made in their post-war lives.

"The low-key titles belie the anti-authoritarian ethic at work: Imamura wants to find those who were enlisted by their country to fight, die, and murder on its behalf, and then abandoned." —David Auerbach, Waggish

"The most shocking of [Imamura's documentaries], IN SEARCH OF THE UNRETURNED SOLDIERS IN THAILAND, climaxes with the director getting three of the title subjects drunk so that they'll speak casually about atrocities they committed during World War II." —Ben Sachs, Chicago Reader


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Imamura, Sh̄ohei (film director)

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