Waiting for the Carnival

Waiting for the Carnival

The small village of Toritama is a microcosm of relentless capitalism. Each year, more than 20-million pairs of jeans are produced in make-shift factories. The locals work non-stop hours, proud to be the masters of their own time. During Carnival - the only leisure moment of the year - they transgress the logic of accumulation of goods, sell their belongings without regret and flee to the beaches in search of ephemeral happiness. When Ash Wednesday arrives, a new work cycle begins.

“An easy-going, empathetic portrait of a small town in the country's northeast. The Hollywood Reporter

“Hauntingly beautiful documentary. The Upcoming

“An admirable show of democracy and honesty. Variety

“The sensibility and the inventiveness of Brazilian director Marcelo Gomes are extraordinary. Dirty Movies


Main credits

Gomes, Marcelo (filmmaker)
Vietra, João (film producer)
Aragão, Nara (film producer)

Other credits

Direção de fotografia, Pedro Andrade; montajem, Karen Harley, EDT; trilha sonoro original, O Grivo.


"Waiting for the Carnival"; Icarus Films; Brazil; denim; fashion; industry; beach; capitalism; Latin America; Carnival;

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