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Friends for Life

Friends for Life

At 76, Warren DeWitt was single and living alone. 90-year-old Arden Peters was caring for his Alzheimer-stricken wife. After they meet having breakfast at a Walmart, an unlikely friendship and commitment between these two gentlemen eases the burden of old age for both of them.

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Main credits

DeWitt, Warren (interviewee)
Peters, Arden (interviewee)
Winokur, Julie (filmmaker)
Winokur, Julie (film director)
Winokur, Julie (screenwriter)
Kashi, Ed (filmmaker)
Kashi, Ed (videographer)
Kashi, Ed (photographer)
Storm, Brian (film producer)

Other credits

Video and still photography by Ed Kashi.

Docuseek2 subjects

Distributor subjects

Aging and geriatrics, Alzheimer's disease, Disability, Family issues, relationships, sociology


Alzheimers, Brian Storm, Julie Winokur, Dementia, Aging, Ed Kashi, Warren DeWitt, Arden Peters, Aging in America, Walmart; "Friends for Life"; MediaStorm