Distributor:  National Film Board of Canada
Length:  2 minutes
Date:  2014
Genre:  Animation
Language:  English
Closed captioning available
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Blood Manifesto

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A disturbing personal meditation on the shedding blood for one's ideals.

Blood Manifesto

A sharp knife cuts the hand of filmmaker Theodore Ushev. A thin stream of his blood comes to life on a white page.All over the world, idealist revolutionaries shed their blood to denounce injustices. Yet blood is also the very symbol of life. Sketches drawn using the filmmaker's own blood explore this paradox. Why fight for ideals, noble though they may be, if you must die for them in the end? Are rebellion and insurrection egotistical deeds, or are they lessons in pure altruism? These complex and important questions nourish Ushev's musings.In Blood Manifesto, this Canadian of Bulgarian origin signs a violent, brutal and troubling political statement in his own blood and narrates it in his own gravelly voice. Poetic and philosophical, the film remains lucid but fundamentally disillusioned and cynical. The viewer comes away from this dance of symbols shaken and subtly changed

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Main credits

Ushev, Théodore (film director)
Ushev, Théodore (screenwriter)
Ushev, Théodore (animator)
Ushev, Théodore (performer)
Page, Marcy (film producer)
Popović, Jelena (film producer)

Other credits

Sound designer, Luigi Allemano; foley, Karla Baumgardner; recording/re-recording, Geoffrey Mitchell.

Distributor credits

Docuseek2 subjects

Death and Dying
Political Philosophy
Social Issues
Conflict Resolution

Distributor subjects

Social Issues - Conflict


Animated films; Blood; Dying; Ideologies; Philosophical perspectives; Poetic impressions; Political viewpoints; Rebellions; Revolutionary movements; "Blood Manifesto"; National Film Board of Canada

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