Climate on the Edge

Climate on the Edge
A documentary that gives scientific context to the controversy and debate on climate change. Accessible interviews with climatologists, glaciologists, astrophysicists and oceanographers, juxtaposed with stunning footage, bring understanding to the impact of the melting of the Arctic permafrost and release of greenhouses gases that affect our whole planet.
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Main credits

Belhumeur, Alain (film director)
Belhumeur, Alain (screenwriter)
Belhumeur, Alain (editor of moving image work)
Michel, Eric (film producer)
Lemire, Jean (film producer)
Lemire, Jean (screenwriter)
Suzuki, David T. (narrator)

Other credits

Cinematography, Marc Gadoury, Martin Leclerc, François Laliberté; picture editing, Alain Belhumeur; original music, Hervé Postic.

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Cree First Nations people; Experimental films; Historical perspectives; Language; Vancouver (City); "Climate on the Edge"; National Film Board of Canada