The Grasslands Project - Val Marie Hotel

The Grasslands Project - Val Marie Hotel

Aline Laturnus puts in long hours to keep the Val Marie hotel running. Breakfast is at seven a.m., and some nights the bar doesn’t close until two. This hotel is more than just a business: it’s the hub of the community, and Aline knows that closing the establishment would deal this small town a major blow. We follow Aline as she prepares for a big night, and we learn about the importance of the hotel from the people of Val Marie.

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Main credits

Parker, Scott (film director)
Parker, Scott (screenwriter)
Parker, Scott (director of photography)
Parker, Scott (editor of moving image work)
Christensen, David (film producer)

Other credits

Filmed and edited by Scott Parker; music composed and performed by Aaron Macri.

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; "The Grasslands Project - Val Marie Hotel"; National Film Board of Canada; restaurant; food service;