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Confounding Father - Episode 3

Many framers wanted to give congress nearly unlimited taxing authority. The powers of the executive branch are left surprisingly vague. Many antifederalists opposed a peacetime army. "Ensure domestic tranquility" is a euphemism for putting down rebellions. Many Americans were shocked by the power of the new national government; they had expected only a revised Articles of Confederation.

. . . has made me, a professional historian, want to rush to the nearest library, read the historians’ books in full, and contemplate anew how a country originally organized around opposition to tyranny and coercion rather quickly made the watershed move at the Constitutional Convention to lay the groundwork for a country now characterized by authoritarianism and disregard for democracy. - Rev. Ellin Jimmerson, PhD


Main credits

Hall, Richard R. (film director)
Hall, Richard R. (film producer)
Hall, Richard R. (videographer)
Hall, Richard R. (editor of moving image work)
Browne-Marshall, Gloria J. (interviewee)

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U.S. Constitution, Slavery, Political Science, Constitutional Law, Founding Fathers, American Revolution, Anti-federalists, U.S. Congress, U.S. Presidency, U.S. History, Federalism; Luther Martin; ; "Confounding Father: A Contrarian View of the U.S. Constitution - Episode 3"; Nerds Make Media

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