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Living Kultur

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Living Kultur is a transmedia project that narrates the culture within a given territory: Navarre. It seeks to elevate these activities to a museum-like form that is accesible to all as a way to isolate and frame the beauty of heritage.

It is a project that reflects the ancestral cultural heritage with a 21st century look and technique to build a discourse around a sensory journey. Fifty representations from oral tradition, games, carnival, profane and religious representations to trades, dances and groups.

It offers over 70 interviews with people who, out of affection, inheritance, contact or love, safeguard an inheritance that they give to the world.

Living Kultur moves away from real representation to show an ideal, the reverie and gaze of the filmmaker: the maximum beauty in photography direction with the perfect execution. We forge a new space between intangible heritage, the people who safeguard it and cinema as a perpetuator of the memory of people and things.

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