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Zurita, You Will See Not to See

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National Literature Award Laureate Raúl Zurita is one of Latin America’s most celebrated and controversial living poets. He is not only a great poet – one that has captured his work on paper, on the Chilean geography, and even on his body – but also a rocker, a human rights activist, a public figure, and a tireless struggler. The film is an account of his experiences during his travels and his daily life, as he reflects on topics such as state terrorism and death.

Born in 1950, Raúl Zurita is among the most celebrated and decorated, living Latin American writers. During the Chilean dictatorship that lasted from 1973 to 1990, Zurita published a trilogy of books: Purgatory, Anteparadise, and The New Life, and helped to form the art collective Colectivo de Accion de Arte (CADA) that used performance as an act of political resistance. His poems are of impressive size, inscribed in nature, visible from the sky or the sea. Strength and fragility emerge from his work. Zurita seeks to show the ephemeral and transitory that represents the passage of our lives as humans on this Earth. Through his story, he shares his approach as an artist as well as his political commitment.

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